Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Wow, I can't believe I missed doing a blog in August - the month flew by!

It was a whiz of Lark In The Park, holidays, weddings, working at Vauxhall City Farm, Sally-Jayne growing, Sean Visiting and problems with my knee and foot. So much went on that I don't really know where to start.

Good news from Malawi first. Last week Humphrey's started his degree at African Bible College, so he moved into his accommodation there and is getting used to life as a freshman! We are so pleased for him! We'll miss him, he lived in our home and worked very closely with me in Kudoko, but I'll continue to mentor him and he will continue to be a vital part of our church.

Lusekero got good news from the doctors about his broken arm - it's healing well and he can start playing football again in a few weeks.

This months highlights have to include Sean's visit to help at Lark In The Park and speak at the Dedication of Sally-Jayne, our beautiful little girl. It was all very last minute due to VISA issues, but he made it and was thrown in the deep end. He did so well, his time here spoke directly into the hearts of many people and we just can't wait to get back to Malawi to help him run our church there.

Lark In The Park came and went in a blur. Jo did a cracking job as the stewarding team leader, the whole time having Sally-Jayne either strapped to her front or one of the many helping hands keeping her entertained. A big thank you goes to my Sister Jess for all her help! We also had my brother in law Mike staying with us, and Jo managed to cook and look after him too! Add to that the fact for one whole week of Lark In The Park I was on crutches and not much help, Jo becomes supper Mum/Wife/Sister in my eyes. I was involved in the evening events as I was working full time at the farm during the event, but it was great as ever, although I did miss being a part of the daytime team.

We then went on holiday with Jo's parents. Center Parks is a lovely place, we find it so nice to amongst the trees and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, the week went by very quickly, but are grateful for the time we got.

I finished as the education coordinator last week, and now I'm just doing the odd day here and there for Vauxhall City Farm. What a blessing it's been to have work during this time.

We visited our group of friends in Romford who support us so well and shared whats been going on and what we plan for the future. It was lovely to introduce them all to Sally-Jayne.

We've also been to lots of weddings and parties recently, most notably my cousin James and Tiffanie's wedding in the New Forest, which was a cracker!

We are now planning to return to Malawi in about 4 or 5 weeks, please pray for us as we tie up all our loose ends, raise funds and get ourselves focused.

Lastly, my left leg has been giving me lots of problems over the past month. I'm having an MRI scan on Friday. Please pray we get to the bottom of what causing me the problems.

Loads of love

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dianne said...

It was amazing to meet you and Jo and SJ at Lark in the Park. I think your work and God's love in Malawi is a true blessing to his beloved african people. I would love to visit you there one day and see some more for myself.
Keep smiling, both of you, Good Luck in October, I shall continually keep you in my prayers. Enjoy every moment, although that is not hard in Africa. May God truely bless your family today and every day. God Bless, from Dianne Still


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