Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Sunsets and goodbyes

Jo and her mum Julie

My Mum and Sally-Jayne

Returning to Malawi is becoming a serious reality now!

Our flight leaves on the 5th of October, and for the first time we don't have a date to come back to the UK. However, we've agreed with our church here to come back for a short period of time soon after 12 months. It will be a good "health" check for us, and something we are very keen to keep up. We don't want to become a "closed book" or an "island", which is always a possibility when you are away from the people who really know you.

Going back can sometimes be a bit of a pressure. There's lots to get done, the uncertainties of what leaving people you love does to you and more importantly; to them, financial uncertainties, health issues etc. I have to say though that leaving is also extremely exciting. I had the privilege of working a 9 - 5 in London for a few months over the summer and was reminded of all the very different pressures that come with it. I have such respect for commuters who have commuted into work every day for 40 years. Wow. It also makes me so thankful for the incredibly varied life I lead, that no day is the same and that I'm often excited about getting up to go to "work".

We are just putting the finishing touches to our latest newsletter, and I'll post a link here as soon as it's ready. We've also put together some partnership opportunities, and I'll post them here too.

Quite a few people are coming to visit us this year, and we are especially excited about our parents coming out. We would really value your prayers for them. My parents are due out in November and Jo's April. Pray for their health, for enjoyment and that they'll be safe traveling.

Loads is going on in our lives right now, this weekend we are running the youth camp for the City Harvest Festival. Thanks to Jo's parents we have a caravan for the weekend though! Next weekend we are off to Northumberland to spend the weekend with a church, and then the following weekend is our last one in the UK!

Love and every blessing

Tom & Jo

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