Thursday, 23 July 2009

Have a Lark In The Park!

New Generation Churches big event: Lark In The Park ( gets underway on Saturday - and set up is already going strong.
Lark In The Park has been a big part of our lives over the years, and I've been involved with it since 1999! This year is the first time I won't be involved in the daytime programme (due to the need to work) and it's a really weird feeling. Jo however, always willing to help, has decided to run the stewarding even with our little baby needing her every couple of hours for feeding! The event is wonderfull sight, with the church coming out of it's comfort zone to really give a brilliant free gift to the community. What an example of Jesus' love for us, the length he's willing to go and the value he places on our lives. It's such a pleasure to be around again, and our babies arrival has meant we are back here just when the event takes place- Fantastic!
Things are great for us at the moment. We go on holiday with Jo's parents in a couple of weeks as it's her Mum's birthday (I won't say how old) and I can't wait. After that I finish working full time and we'll be focusing on fundraising and our return, as well as being involved in the London Farm and Gardens flagship event: The City Harvest Festival. We had a planning meeting with these guys a couple of weeks back, and again feel so privileged to be involved with a brilliant group of people.
I'll blog again soon, lots and lots of love x

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Bill said...

OK great article and you are lovely people. Love Billy


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