Monday, 2 February 2009

Hooray!  After a couple of days of trying I've managed to upload a picture of our house!  We share with an American called Danny, and we live in a Duplex.  Our Neighbor is Father Christopher and his large family, who run the Anglican college that we live on.  Opposite is the student dorm, behind the house is the carpenter work shop and some fields of Maize.  Behind the camera are the class rooms and chapel.  You can also see the nice fence that I built with James, meaning Chippy can go out and we can sit out at night. We also have 16 watch dogs out at night! (Due to the fact we have no fence, and only one night watchman for the whole college)Here's our front room.  Other than the rocking chair and the table and lamp everything else is Danny's. and very nice!  So it will be a shame when he's gone in July, and will probably look a bit bare!  But we have 2 2 seater chairs stored, so we do have some furniture.

This is the kitchen, it's nicely kitted out.  Chippy's enjoying his dinner!

Ok, so I've been trying to upload a picture of our bedroom for a while now, and I'm giving up.  I hope this gives you a feel of our lovely home - you are most welcome!

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Bill said...

Looks nice set up. Chippy does not look sure about dinner. Still seriusly sno bound in sidcup and walking is the new skating. Children who are in the womb while mums enjoy the sun grow up taller according to reports. Billy snowshoe G


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