Saturday, 31 January 2009

It's bone dry!

Amazingly, after 2 weeks of dreadful rain, we've had 10 days of scorching heat.  This means that there is a mini drought going on in the villages.  It's just so difficult to predict the weather hear!

In my last post I mentioned how things had really got going since Christmas, that continues to be the case!  But don't worry I still find time to swim and I've even joined a volleyball team! Since swimming my knee has started to feel a lot better, so I'm praying that it will be able to take a bit more sport for the first time in years.

The village of Kudoko, "the Flood Church" village, has proved really welcoming.  This week the village headman, or chief, came to officially endorse what we are doing and even ask to part of it.  He's not even asked for 2 goats! (The usual offering you have to give to get the chiefs blessing).  This week was a great one.  We ran over by 2 hours!  People just had so many questions, and we couldn't leave until we felt we had chatted them through with everyone.  We have realised the need for a female member on the team.  So we are praying for one, but obviously volunteers, quality volunteers, are really hard to come by!

The 2 days a week with Dalitso in Malingunde are going really well.  I have officially started doing Community Health Evangelism with the families we have been working with, and they are taking it onboard really well.  We reckon it will be about 10 months until they start working within their villages themselves, but for now we are having a great time together.  I am still running some stuff for the team too.  After a good chat with Tom H about team building we decided we should dedicate a whole afternoon to growing together as a team.  This week was cut short by an old lady bringing in a "demon possessed" boy.  Long story short, we bought him into hospital and he had malnutrition, and had internal infections.  He's on the mend now.

Flood Church is embarking on a new stage of it's journey tomorrow!  We are changing the meeting time, announcing the new small groups and commissioning the band!  The band thing is something I have been working on with Guise (the worship leader) for a while now. However, he rang me this morning and has Malaria!  He sounded really bad.  Please pray for a speedy recovery for him.

Jo is great.  We felt the baby kick for the 1st time this week!  Very exciting.  She has taken to walking Chippy, the little Jack Russell we are thinking about adopting.  She is really enjoying the challenge of helping organise Flood church too!   

People have been asking for some pictures of our home, so hopefully i'll get one on soon - i've been trying for last hour, but can't get it to upload.  We love the house, we feel really blessed by it - the price is incredible, and we have space to use.  We even enjoy the carpentry shop out back, Father Christopher our Neighbor, and the 30 other students who live across from our house.  It's a real community feel - lively, noisy and far from being isolated.  

Speak soon

Lots of love x

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Bill said...

Good to hear about the work developing and brilliant about Jo and the baby. Sidcup major snow and no trains or buses! Billy snow bound G


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