Saturday, 7 February 2009

Jo's Big Birthday!

We celebrated Jo's Birthday on Friday in Style, 
Here are some of the photos:

Our very own Boys2men get down to some Karaoke

Here's one I made earlier!  (Not really, the very good Baker we know made it!)
The guys hang ouside

And the girls (and 1 guy) pose inside!

We had a great time on Friday.  It was such a contrast to last years birthday.  Last year we were here, but only in our 2nd week.  We had a quiet meal on our own, and wondered what the future held!  This year we had more people that could fit in the house come over!  We cooked sausages, sang songs and Jo got a stack of cards and presents!

We are both 26 now, but we are only the same age for 6 weeks - then I'm officially older than Jo again!

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