Monday, 6 July 2009

2 weeks of growing nicely!

As a farmer it's nice to know that my little daughter: Sally-Jayne is putting on weight nicely! She's put on a 4 or 5 ounces a week a now weighs 8 Lbs 8oz's! At 2 weeks old now she's starting to develop her character already, and it's scary how fast they change at this age. It's so nice that things have been smooth and positive so far, and I know Jo is thoroughly enjoying being a Mum.

Things are going well on other fronts. I've mentioned on our website: that the leaders in Kudoko village have all graduated from the 1st stage and it's going so well there. Flood church sounds like it's still going from strength to strength and Sean Kampondeni (Floods Pastor) should be here in the UK during the 1st 2 weeks of August to be involved with Lark In The Park ( It's really exciting for us and we can't wait to get him over here.

Some bad news was had last week when Lusekero informed me that he's broken his arm! It's a shame for our football academies as he can't drive out there at the moment to take them, but also for him personally. He was the top scorer in pre-season and then he broke his arm just days before the 1st game of the season in training ground accident. Obviously our thoughts and prayers are with him for a speady recovery!

I've been back working at Vauxhall City Farm for just over a week now, it's really great fun! At the weekend we attended the Streatham Festival with ducks and activities from the farm. It was a great day in the Sun with loads of people, fun, water and festivities.

We are already turning our attentions back to Malawi, and can't wait to get back there however. It's looking like we'll return late September after Sally-Jayne has had her vaccinations.

Lots of love x

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