Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Its raining and its pouring!

The rains are really here again!  So much so that you often can't talk as the sound of the rain on the roof drowns everything out.

Chippy the dog is still with us, he's a bit of a pest - but provides endless entertainment!

Work wise, my diary is really filling up now.  I have 3 full days in the villages, 3 flood church related evenings, and then various meeting that make up more than 2 more days worth!  I feel like I'm back in Sidcup!  It actually makes me feel more energetic though!!  Jo's working with Sean 2 mornings a week, and that seems like it's really gonna start helping the organisational side of Flood, and she's been running "Flood Kids" ie HQ Malawi style, for 8 or so weeks now.

Other than the general frustrations of living in Africa, which often just make us laugh! We thoroughly love being here.  We are so privileged to be doing this, and this time round we get to enjoy a lot more privileges, like water pressure, electricity, cold food and drinks!  It made such a difference for us to live without for 6 months.  At the moment we still remain really grateful for these things and hope our attitude in it continues.

We would ask you to pray for our relationship with God though.  We feel a little bit tested at times, and just feel a need for his protection in certain areas.  Recently the guys group I am involved with on Friday evenings seems to have taken on a new direction.  People have been sharing all kinds of things, some of which is very deep and difficult to deal with.  Often it involved church leaders abusing their power.  I think some of my advice and prayer with them has lead to some exposing of this, and we would love you to pray for the people involved.

The truck is running well again.  The damage was not bad at all, and we feel blessed not to have a massive bill on our hands!

Again, sorry for the lack of media like pictures and videos, but we don't have the internet connection for it right now.  We are looking into other options, so hopefully it won't be like this for ever.  Also, sorry for those who have been looking to skype, it has been almost impossible, and another reason we are assessing the internet options here!

We love you guys back home loads, Jo had a check up today and everything is fine.  Only 9 weeks now and we will be returning to he UK to have our baby!  (Although we will probably have to wait until June to actually have it!!)

Be blessed every day


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Bill said...

Glad to hear Jo is ok. Also Chippy. Lake Malawi and Ilala boat on Radio 4 today. Yo. Later. Billy G


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