Friday, 28 November 2008

Thousands of wings and big ants!

We heard a lot of "fluttering" during the night, and the woke up to find rather large insect wings around the house, and literally thousands of them out the front of the house.  Turns out they are large flying ants that come out in their masses, drop the wings of and then bury themselves into the ground.  It also turns out they are the ants that I enjoy eating as a snack in the village!

We have finally finished filling our spare room with the furniture and kids stuff that we have been moving into our house.  We "bought" (Was a very cheap price) from our friends who are leaving next week.  We now have all kinds of things including a nice big bed, camping gear, chairs, kitchen appliances, kids beds, toys, to be honest the list is endless!  It was so kind of them.  We are now going to build a fence around our house and then we can get our dogs back! (and also keep out any rabid dogs!)

Flood church is going great.  We had a leaders meeting on Monday and the church is making some great progress.  I have also met with Lusekero (many times), Harrison and Blessings, and started to work out what the work will look like in Floods Village (Kudoko).  Please pray for these guys as it will be unfamiliar ground for them, and also pray for the materials we end up using, pray that we will pick the right stuff!

The Dalitso side of things is going a little slower.  Limon, who I will be continuing to work with alongside the families that we have been with since we started in Malawi, has been away this week, so I'm waiting until next week to get together with him and decide how we will continue the work there.  However I've been involved with the team in Malingunde, been to visit the families and had a few meetings with Tom H.

Jo is still well, she's been spending time at Crisis nursery, and really enjoying giving the kids some quality time out of their cots playing.  We are into our second trimester now!  Thats pretty exciting!

Lots of love and blessings x  


Bill said...

Flying ants? Are you sure you eat them? Safer than Kentucky or kebab. Wet and cold in Sidcup. So hope you enjoy your next few weeks. Billy G

Tom Gallagher said...

They are in-fact termites! The Malawians call them flying ants, but it's just the termite in its reproductive cycle. It can be a bit dangerous to eat normal termites if you don't chew them properly, but in this form its fine. Hot and wet here!

Bill said...

Would they not be better if they are baked or poached. Who is trying to confuse an in experienced zoo oligist like what I am? Why does cooking them make them less dangerous? Burnely knocked out the gooners 2 - o from the carling cup?


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