Saturday, 8 November 2008

Home and hot again!

Maybe it's just because we were scrapping ice of the car windows on Thursday, but boy is it hot!  Apparently this, however, is nothing and we should have been here last week before the spot of rain cooled everything down!  

We are back safe and sound.  We had great flights and connections, as ever, and every time we thank God for no delays no turbulence  and no lost luggage.  It's amazing to wave good bye to our bags in Heathrow, and to see them turn up in the Dusty little Lilongwe airport.  This may change once we have kids, but right now I love flying.  The only downside is my knee tends to swell up, as it had done this time.

We were greeted yesterday by Danny, a guy we are sharing a house with until another house is finished.  When we left, all they needed to do was hook the water and electricity up, that's still all they need to do!  It's great to see him again.  Then Sean, the leader of Flood church, popped over to say hi, followed by Ian and Jessica and their 3 kids, and then Tom & Alison and their 3 kids.  At one point there was 13 of us and it seemed like a welcome party!  Very nice.  Today we walked over to Maryann and Emanuel's house to have lunch and while Jo went to buy us a very much needed fan (it was terrible trying to sleep in the heat last night), I managed to get out to area 49 (an area right outside the city) with Sean and his brother (avid Arsenal fans) and watch Arsenal vs Man U (Sorry Man U fans, but it was great!).  I'm always surprised to find sky T.V in these places considering I can't afford it at home!

So we are great, struggling with the heat, but really great.  Sorry no pics as of yet, but I will get some!

Lots of love

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