Monday, 17 November 2008

Lightening and Seeds

Worship time at Flood
We've had some major lightening storms over the last few nights which brought some rain with them too!  Thats meant it's cooled down ever so slightly!

It's been a wonderful week since I last updated you.  We've had some really positive meetings with people and it's amazing to see some little seeds that we sowed over the last year start to take root and grow! (Sorry for the Christian Jargon, but we are missionaries!).

The missionary term is something I really struggled with at first, as it's something that all Christians should be anyway.  Because of that we ended up being very "project" focused, and almost forgetting the fact the Jesus will make the difference.  Because of that, it's taken a real shift in our focus and almost an acceptance of the missionary tag for us to find ourselves doing what we are doing.

Last week we put some things in place with a few individuals at Flood church, and tomorrow we are out in Malingunde with Tom of the Dalitso Trust to start to look at how can do something similar with his team there.  It's been a lot of meetings so far, but we've only been here a week and already things are building momentum.  We are learning it's not about the projects we end up doing, but about the individuals we do them with and through.  I want to do myself out of a job!  I want to see someone become better than me at it, and even to know God more than I do!  We are so excited about this new stage of our work here, and so thankful to find ourselves in this place.

In terms of life here things are great.  Jo is the best pregnant women.  Sometimes I just check the scan, because rather than draining her or making her sick she seems energized and all glowey (I know thats not a word!).  In-fact last Thursday I was violently ill, nearly a hospital case, and Jo managed to combine a maternity check up, picking up stuff from our friends who are leaving Malawi and giving us all of their furniture etc, getting dinner at their house, cleaning up after me, (I was that ill) going to the doctors for me and spending time saying kind words to me!  Wonder women I must say.  In term of me being sick, it was horrific, I have never been that out of control! But it only lasted 12 hours, and then after a nights sleep I was right as rain.

O.K. so signing off, God bless x


Bill said...

Glad to hear you are better. Hope you got my emails. Billy G

Bill said...

Whats going on eh?

Bill said...

Picking up Rach at Stanstead soon. Billy G

Bill said...

Gooners got beat 3 0 by Man City. Gallas sacked as captain and its raining. Please pray. Billy G


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