Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Soon to return!

(With Mike, Global Generation Church leader)
Hi Hi!

So, still planning to go back to Malawi soon after the scan on the 30th.  If all's well with Jo and the baby then we will hop on the next flight outta here!

Finally we managed to get our supporters letters out last week, except for a couple of ones we couldn't find the address for.  If that's you, you should have an email or Facebook message waiting.

We have been eagerly getting ready to go back to Malawi, it's meant we have been pretty busy over the last couple of weeks, and looking at our diary for the next week that continues to be the case.  However, as usual, we are really enjoying ourselves.  Being pregnant is a strange thing, and I think for Tom the scan will make it all seem much more real.  

We have had some good chats with Flood Church recently, and can't wait to get going with the plans there.  

We also spent a lovely day with our friends in Ramsgate, Global generation church, guys that are a real part of our family, and a church that we work together with in almost everything. We are also visiting our friends in Romford today, another church that we consider more than friends.

So that's it for now.  Jo makes a good pregnant women, taking it all in her stride.  She's had no sickness so far.  Tom is struggling with the hormone changes, and sometimes needs a bit more sleep!

Please pray for protection on our baby, Jo's health continues to be good, for relationships in Malawi and for the return there.

All our love

Tom & Jo

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