Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Update 09.10.08

Hello everyone.

We have a lot to catch up on! The first bit of news is… Jo’s pregnant! These are happy days for us, we are so excited. We are having the first scan on the 30th October. So we’d really value prayers for the very little one, and for Jo’s health. We are also getting ready to go back to Malawi. The aim is to get back there in the first week of November. We have decided to come back to England to have the baby which means we’ll be returning in April. This is particularly due to it being our first as it is the safest way possible for Mum and Baby, but also it will be great to have our parents, family and friends around.

Over the last couple of months we have had a truly wonderful time. We saw Jo’s sister married, a really lovely day for everyone, worked on Lark in the Park for a whole month! It was so brilliant; we got to catch up with everyone and at the same time were involved in the truly inspiring event! This year was a great one, more people turning up than ever, God’s presence, really good fun and a time that the whole community can come together. We also went away for a long weekend with both of our parents camping. After that we went to Denmark. We were at a boarding school in Kolding where we took classes on Malawi, held workshops, P.E lessons and ran evening meetings; Tom even got to speak at one. Again, this was such a fun, positive time. We then spent a week in Centre parks on holiday with Jo’s sister and brother in law. We enjoyed ourselves playing badminton, swimming and generally doing woodland type things. After that we had the privilege of running the youth camp for the city farms annual show. Over 100 young people came, and cooking for that many people was a challenge on two BBQ’s and a camping stove! Tom also got to be a judge in the animal show which was a real honour.

That pretty much brings us up to now! We want to apologise for not sending our letter out sooner to those who sponsor us. We have a draft and are just waiting for one detail to be finalised before it gets posted. We had hoped it would get posted this week, but it looks like next week now.

We would also like to bring your attention to the fact we have given our communication systems a bit of a revamp. We now have a video channel on youtube, a photo gallery and a blog! We would love you to follow the following links to have a look. You can also subscribe, or follow, which means you get automatic emails when we update them. These are the links:

That’s about it for now. We are both doing really well, really excited about the baby, and really excited about going back to Malawi.

Lots of love

Tom & Jo

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