Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Church, church & more church!

I really can't get enough of God's great rescue plan right now. So many people respond to that by saying surely you mean Jesus?! And while I do mean Jesus, I mean more than that, I mean Jesus' beautiful partner - the church. And no, the church is not YOU or ME it's 100% US!

I feel more and more that God is bringing the spiritual gifts he's given us back into the body of Jesus (the church) and that excites me. I feel sorry that God worked around the church and we had these gifts removed, but so excited that that season has ended and what a shift we are seeing! Of course Jesus never fell out of love with his church and God disciplines those he loves, so all of this is a good thing!

Our village team has grown in such a great way over the last 6 or so weeks. We now have Edith, a wonderful leader on our church, Megan, a teacher at ABC academy, Rachael, an ABC student, Myself, George, our church administrator and Guise, our church worship leader all spending an afternoon each week out there. It's been great fun with the rains we are having. 4 wheel drive has become really important and it's a real adventure getting there and back. We haven't avoided going because of the weather yet. I've been so blessed with how the team has developed recently. The only issue is, more and more women are showing up in the village for council and advice that we don't really no what to do about it!

Well like I said, the rains have really got going and we've gone from asking God for the rain to asking him for it to stop before it ruins the crops! It's rained every day for 16 days straight and here in Malawi that equals a lot of rain!

lots and lots of love x

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