Thursday, 5 November 2009

Theatre of Dreams

So we waved goodbye to Debbie (one of the leaders of New Gen) on Monday. It was actually a timely reminder that this is our home now, and we have no deadline or return date. Her time here was really great. We love sharing our lives with people, and to share it with someone that we have so much love and respect for is a real pleasure. She leaves her mark as the first female preacher at Flood Church, but along with that she leaves her mark as a faithful servant, a strong leader and simply a great person.

Brian and Val, also from New Gen, traveled out with Debbie, and are still here until Sunday. They are staying with Tom and Ali Husbands off the Dalitso Trust, but spent the day with us on Tuesday. They have a real gift for teaching on marriage, and they had a big impact on Flood’s adopted village: Kudoko. It was also nice for them to get a picture of the weekly life of Flood church and they got involved with a prayer meeting, and had dinner with Sean. We hope we’ll get to see them before they return on Sunday, and we’ll miss them once they’ve gone.
Along with all that fun we ran a football tournament for the various clinics we are involved with. We had 6 teams participate over a 2-day period, and it was a joy to see a lot of hard work put into action. In the end Falls Sports Academy won. Brian helped ref the tournament and really helped raise the level of respect amongst the players.

Things are moving along nicely, but we are constantly up against it with transport! We really feel it’s about time we got a decent vehicle that won’t cost an arm and a leg to keep running. Right now our truck is with a mechanic having it’s clutch replaced, but that’s actually just one of many problems with it. We would love for you to pray for us as we seek funding for a new 4x4.
All our love x

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