Thursday, 22 October 2009


Over the last few weeks I have found myself DIY'ing like I have never done before. I have cut a door to size, installed it including the locks, sorted out a some of the electrics and 2 light fixings, changed about a zillion plugs, re-wired quite a few appliances and finished up by installing 2 smoke alarms! I have thoroughly enjoyed it!

Life is great here, I love the different challenges it brings. Our truck has had it's problems, and this week I have spent a full 3 days trying to sort them! Right now someone is leaving for South Africa to try and find us a part, that's how crazy it's been! However it's going, and someone's done a patch up job for us, so it's nice to be driving again. It's a weird thing, but I kinda enjoy the challenge. It's not like in the UK where everything is done by the mechanic and has a price. Here you have to go around the whole of town trying to find the right bit and even if you find it you've got a fight on your hands to get it at the right price!

Last week I did manage to get along to a football clinic, and out to Kudoko village, and tomorrow I'm visiting the local prison and out in Kudoko again, so things are up and running again and I can't wait to get completely into the swing of things.

It rained today, about a month early. I don't know the implications of early rain for farms, but it's really cooled things down temperature wise - which is lovely!

Sally-Jayne is now sitting up and eating solids, it's absolutely crazy how fast she's growing up, and tomorrow Brian, Val and Debbie arrive from Sidcup and are staying for a few weeks, it's really exciting to share what life's like here with them.

Lots and lots of love x

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