Monday, 20 April 2009

friends, family and settling in.

Mum, Dad, Sister Jess and Aunty Atha (Soon to be our babies great, great Aunt!)

We've been back almost a month now, and often Malawi feels like a long time ago! It's just that life is so fast here, and weeks fly by, and before you know it a month has passed!

We are having such a ball though. Seeing friends and family has been wonderful, and adding to that our great church life, it makes for a fast passed, enjoyable and even challenging ride!

We had a scan a couple of weeks back, and that was pretty incredible! It looked like a baby, moved like a baby and really bought home the reality of our little baby living in Jo's belly. She told me the other day that she's enjoyed her pregnancy so much, and got so used to her current situation she's not sure about it coming out! Having said that I can tell she can't wait, and I can also tell what a great mum she's going to be. Personally, I'm becoming really excited about the day. Children are a gift from God, something that Malawians get right in their attitudes and something our culture often gets wrong.

New Generation Church Football club are in the cup final on Saturday! They are making the wonderful gesture of taking a collection for a youth team myself and Lusekero are getting started in Malawi, and donating an old kit. It's something I'm really looking forward to starting when we return to Malawi, and I know Lusekero is absolutely buzzing with the idea.

Tomorrow I'm at Vauxhal city farm to talk about working as their interim farmyard manager while they advertise and interview for the permanent post. I could do with your prayers about this, and if I get the job I'll be really excited about helping there as best I can.

Well, signing off now - missing Malawi and our friends there, but enjoying the UK so much. All our love x

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jessgallagher said...

I can't believe you put that picture of me. That's just mean!


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