Monday, 30 March 2009

Safe, sound and freezing!

Various leaders that we are training in Kudoko

The football Academy at Kudoko

Lusekero teaching them how to jump at kudoko!

My 27th Birthday cake!

The kids at Kudoko

One of the small group sessions at Kudoko

Humphreys, Me and George the guys who lead the work in Kuodoko!

Drink time in Kudoko!

Growth group, a group of young guys who get together at our house on Fridays

We got back to England on Wednesday and have been staying with Jo's sis until yesterday when we returned to our home and church in Sidcup!  So we are officially back now!  Boy it's cold!  We had a great journey back, we have a few tips for long stays in transit in Nairobi if you ever find yourself there!!

I thought I'd post up some pictures now that we have a connection that can handle it.  

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