Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Wrote this 2 weeks back!

We haven’t been able to get Internet for a while, so apologies for how quiet it’s been.
On the personal side of things we are doing OK. Sally-Jayne can now crawl very fast, climb up things, stand up using whatever she can get her hands on, give high ‘s (thanks to my sister Jess on her visit), wave and say a few words like hi or Dad-dad. (I have to say the speaking thing seems a little dubious, she pulls of waves and high 5’s on demand, but never speaks on demand!) She turned 7 months this week and is growing up so fast! We are so pleased with her though. She’s incredibly versatile and just gets on with life whatever we through at her. After 5 weeks of living back in our room (while we had visitors) she went straight back into her own room without any problems. Please keep up your prayers for her health and safety, we trust God to look after her.
Jo’s doing well and continues to read baby books and recipe books every day as she tries to be creative with what she can get her hands on. You can’t go anywhere in the house without finding one open with a notebook next to it. We had these incredible raps the other day, all she had was rough grade mincemeat, some spices and a lettuce, and she used the lettuce leaves very creatively! She also continues to do so well to cook for and love a house full. She still has her weekly distraction where she spends Tuesday evening with “the girls”, a night when I’m left wondering what cook and often just eat some bread! Please pray for her that she keeps on finding deep friendships, that her health stays good and that she’ll continue to develop and grow in her motherhood.
I’m doing OK. I’m still enjoying all my friendships, watching football and the lovely weather here. My health hasn’t been great though, and for a few months I’ve been suffering with cold like symptoms and nasty infections. A doctor told me this week that I have MRSA, so us as a household have to go for treatments to rid us of the nasty bug. Ironically you can’t find this type of bacteria in Malawi and I must have picked it up while in the UK! Please pray for this. Pray that I get over this infection and that our whole household will be rid of it.
We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year though. It was so nice to have my sister Jess with us, and we celebrated in laid back Malawian style with Sean, Tapiwa, Gabriel and Edith, along with Guise and Humphreys who live with us. The girls did a great job with the food, and the boys did a great job with the fireworks! A highlight for me was the personal crackers Jess brought with her that she had made. Her improvisation to make 3 more when she realised we’d be having guests was even more incredible!
Since then stuff has seemed a little slow to get going, I think that’s partly down to me being a bit sick. However the teams are still developing and growing and there’s an excitement around Flood that can almost be felt! We’ve a made a few inroads towards working in the prison and already have a team. We’ve also been getting the small groups within the church sorted and well led. We are still struggling to plan ahead for Kudoko village and continue to run one-off events. We really want to get a plan of action for the village and church there for 2010. Please pray that over the next few weeks God would inspire us as a team and lead us in the right direction.
Lastly finances are looking pretty shaky at the moment. It’s always been such an adventure living here, and we have faith that we will, and we have always been, be looked after. Please pray for this, and if you are interested in helping email me at tomandjo@me.com
Lots of love

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