Thursday, 21 May 2009

Big bumps, good times and praying like a madman

On the farm with "Alternative therapy students, realigning the cows spines!!

This week our church here in the UK has been doing 24/7 prayer. ( What an amazing thing to see, the commitment from people to make that pilgrimage to the prayer room, maybe even at 2 in the morning is a sight to behold. It makes me realise what a whole hearted commitment it takes to be part of this church. I've enjoyed it so much, and even though at times it's been a little hard to go work after being there most of the night, it's totally worth it! The time actually flies by while you are in there!

Jo's bump has stayed relatively the same over the last few weeks, although she ensures me that the baby is heavier! I simply can't wait to see our baby now. It's already been described by one Mid-Wife as a "tinker", and another one as a "little blighter" due to the amount it moves around, so I'm hoping it will save the activity for day time and sleep well during the night.

This current part of our life generally feels to me like a good time. Work is enjoyable, church is enjoyable, home is enjoyable and living in England is certainly enjoyable! Jo has even been known to say her pregnancy has been enjoyable! (Although I'm not sure she's saying that right now!)

Today on the farm has been lovely. We had 8 chicks born and 8 ducklings! It's always so nice, and it brings special enjoyment to the kids and the adult volunteers. It's only just over a week until the new manger starts, who's position I've been covering the last 3 weeks. The 2 weeks after that I have 3 days worth of work, which will just about cover our rent - and then I cover the educational coordinators role here too! She's handed in her notice, so that gets me another month or so's work! Amazing!

Tonight I'm going to the F.A Youth cup final between Arsenal and Liverpool. I'm hoping Arsenal will at least win something this year!

Well, keep smiling, enjoying spring and praying!

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