Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Termite control, or Dog poison?

Some of you may know, due to our email updates, that our Dogs were poisoned on Friday night. they have survived, and are certainly on the mend.  The vet has told us that it's really common for this type of poisoning to occur, and the thieves use a substance which controls termites.  She also told us nearly all of the dogs die within 20 minutes, so we were really lucky.  No one was hurt in the break in, which was actually in our friends home.

I must apologise for the lack of Photo's and videos.  We have a bandwidth limit that means we cannot do media type things at them moment.  However, at some point we hope to get an unlimited account, and then the photo's and videos will follow!

We have nearly finished the fence to keep our dogs in, which is going to be really nice.  It's been a lot more costly than first anticipated, but we think it will be worth it.  It's really raining here now, and it's meant that the weather has cooled right down - it's really pleasant.

Work wise things are very much the same as in the last time I updated you.  It's really progressing well and I'm really excited about it.  Please pray for the families we will be working closely with, this will start after Christmas and is really looking positive.  Please also pray for our protection, over our home and over our health.  God has been so faithful to us, we are really grateful.

Loads of love and hugs x


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